Ok...So We Want Your Postcards to Look Dazzling!

Please remember the following design requirements to ensure that your postcards look professional.  If you have any questions regarding these requirements, just hit the chat button and some one can assist you:

BLEEDS - We need 1/8th inch...The extra amount of printed image that extends beyond the trim edge of the sheet or page. As in 'the image bleeds off the sheet'. All bleed should be set to an amount of 1/8th inch.

CMYK COLOR - meaning Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black. The four process colours used in color printing. Make sure that all images used are set to CMYK, not RGB or any other color profile.

FONTS – If you are supplying your artwork in QuarkXpress or Indesign formats, we need you to include all fonts used. A ‘collect for output’(QuarkXpress) or ‘package’ (Indesign) will usually ensure that all fonts and images are organized and include.

RESOLUTION – We need 300dpi. Resolution is the term used to describe the number of dots (dpi - dots per inch), or pixels, used to display an image. Higher resolutions meanthat more pixels are used to create the image, resulting in a crisper, cleaner image. All images should be supplied at 100% and set to 300dpi.  If you're grabbing pictures off of the internet and incorporating them into your artwork, chances are, you're going to be disappointed in the way they look in print.
PDF - The preferred file format. A file format that makes it possible to send a formatted document to a computer screen or printer and have it look exactly the way in which it was created. Printing industry work flows are now primarily PDFbased. This is our preferred format as it encapsulates fonts and images
into the final file. It is important that you follow the ‘Bleed’, ‘Color’ and ‘Resolution’ rules. On the next page we will take you through the PDF settings in more detail.

VECTORS – outlined Vector .eps or .ai files containing text created in Illustrator, Freehand or Corel Draw should be outlined unless you require us to edit the text for you. This will help prevent any postscript errors that can arise when running the files out to plates..

Take a Minute and Read the Above Guidelines Before You Design and Upload Your Files! 


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